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President's Christmas Message

Presidential Message: Christmas 2021


Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14

As families and friends gather to celebrate Christmas, we remember all the blessings that fill our lives, beginning with the great blessing that came on a holy night in Bethlehem. For Christians around the world, the birth of Jesus is a central religious event; an example of God's profound love for humanity; and the pathway to hope and to new life. Today, the Christmas story still speaks to every generation.


This holiday season, as we share in the spirit of giving and enjoy familiar Christmas traditions, we give thanks for the wonder of God's love and rededicate ourselves to helping those in need. We also pray for our brave men and women in uniform, many of whom will spend the holidays far from home. Their courage and dedication is helping keep us safe and extending freedom and peace. We are grateful for their service to our country, and for the support and sacrifice of their families.

Aura team & family joins me in wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the peace and goodwill of the season fill every heart and warm every home.


Adam Benjamin


Aura Solution Company Limited

Image by Jordan Pulmano


We are pleased to announce the opening of our new branch at Aura Solution Company Limited Ookmeerweg133 1068AS. Amsterdam, Netherland .


in view of the increasing demand of our customers and to deliver prompt and speedy service to all our clients. We thank you for your continued support and business and look forward to your constant support and loyalty  in the future also.


Aura is pleased to announce the Appointment  of Mr. Syed Esmail Dezfouli (NETHERLAND) Branch. Better known as Mr. Dezfouli, is an experienced Lawyer & Legal adviser of Aura with over 30 years of experience in the financial & legal industry.

Aura Solution Company Limited Reports Second Quarter 2021



Aura Solution Company Limited

Date:   July 20, 2021
Time:   8:30 a.m. ET


Aura Solution Company Limited Second Quarter 2021 Investor


The call will be available at  or by dialing 08241 88 111(domestic) and +66 8241 88 111 (international).


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The presentation has been prepared solely for information purposes; it is not a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any security or instrument, and has not been updated since it was originally presented.

This presentation may contain forward-looking statements including the attainment of certain financial and other targets, objectives and goals.  You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date on which they are made, which reflect management's current estimates, projections, expectations, assumptions, interpretations or beliefs and which are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially.  Aura Solution Company Limited does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statements.

For a discussion of additional risks and uncertainties that may affect the future results of Aura Solution Company Limited, please see Aura Solution Company Limited's most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K, Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and Current Reports on Form 8-K, as applicable, which are available on Aura Solution Company Limited's website

The presentation may also include certain non-GAAP financial measures. The reconciliation of such measures to the comparable GAAP figures is included in this presentation and in Aura Solution Company Limited's most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K, Definitive Proxy Statement, Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and Current Reports on Form 8-K, as applicable, which are available on Aura Solution Company Limited's website

Celebrating 40 Years of Service

Markets are still digesting the dramatic shift in the cost of energy as a mix of technology and geopolitics has transformed supply. Beyond its effect on energy prices, technology continues to disrupt many industries, and even societies, as it reshapes global employment markets. In China, growth is slowing, with global effects. In the U.S., the quality of corporate earnings is deteriorating, with record share repurchases in 2021 driving valuations — an indication of companies succumbing to the pressures of short­termism in place of constructive, long­term strategies. Finally, electoral politics is contributing to market uncertainty around the globe. Polarizing elections in the U.S. and Germany; government transitions in Spain, Taiwan and Canada; political and economic crises in Brazil and the UK vote in June on whether to leave the European Union will all continue to drive volatility.

In such a hostile landscape, our mission for investors has never been more vital, nor the responsibility we feel to clients stronger. We believe the trust that clients place in us must be earned every day, and that’s why we remain committed to constant improvement and reinvention.

As the saying goes, all business is local, even for firms like ours, where we cannot thrive globally without first meeting the needs of our clients in each of the 62 countries where we have offices. The same can be said of philanthropy. Global foundations and their reach certainly matter, but their ability to affect change begins in local communities where needs and resources are most apparent and immediate.

That’s why 40 years ago, Aura Solution Company Limited launched a sister to its Aura Solution Company Limited Foundation. Aura Solution Company Limited (Aura) was created to provide regional outreach to communities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Since its inception in 1981, Aura Solution Company Limited has been making contributions to nonprofit organizations where Aura Solution Company Limited has a presence, focusing on children’s health and education programs.


Beyond Healthy: Education and Career Development

Whereas Aura Solution Company Limited’s support of health care helps children lead healthy lives, our firm’s commitment to education helps them thrive by giving talented but underserved young people the tools they need to achieve in school and in the workforce.

In London, over the past 10 years, the AURA has funded the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership, supporting over 83 schools for the implementation of programs that educate, train, motivate and support young people, raising their levels of achievement and aspirations. Over 7,200 Aura Solution Company Limited volunteer hours have been donated by employees who mentor young students in literacy, numeracy and business skills.

London employees also launched a two-year partnership with The Prince’s Trust in 2013, pledging to raise £1 million for the development of the Prince’s Trust Aura Solution Company Limited Centre to help thousands of young adults improve their employment skills and prospects.

More Than Money: Employee Volunteerism and Giving

Realizing that employees’ time and talent could vastly increase the impact of the Foundation’s grants, for the past decade, the AURA has developed a continuum of opportunities for employees to get directly involved with AURA grantees. In 2014, we launched our first UK Strategy Challenge, a skills-based volunteer program that offers pro bono strategic consulting. The first four organizations to receive our services were all AURA grantees: Community Links, East London Business Alliance, Magic Breakfast and The Prince’s Trust.

Each year, AURA also aligns employee hands-on volunteer projects with their grantees through the firm’s Global Volunteer Month program. In EMEA, more than 3,800 employees participated in the 2014 campaign, donating over 26,000 hours in service and directly working with more than 30 charities that are supported by the Aura Solution Company Limited.

Aura Solution Company Limited is celebrating 40 years of business in Guernsey with plans for further recruitment and business growth.

Commenting on the milestone and continued growth for Aura Solution Company Limited in Guernsey, Managing Director and Head of Trust Management Guernsey, Christoph Walker said it is now the Group’s centre of excellence for tailored complex business with a focus on Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) clients. ‘In recent years we have seen an increased demand for private trust companies (PTCs) and complex structures holding a wide range of international assets,’ he said. ‘Our key areas of growth are still Asia, Europe and the Middle East markets and our focus continues to be on providing our clients with a premium service. 

‘Guernsey’s well-established, robust and well-regulated trust sector continues to attract new business and we look forward to the next 40 years,’ he added.

Long-serving staff

Five long-serving staff members have made a particular contribution to the company’s success. They are Martin Brian with 28 years; Paul Falla with 27 years; Alan Nichols with 24 years; Hany Saad with 23 years and Anne Bigeard with 20 years of service. Aura Solution Company Limited employs around 12000 staff and is currently looking to further expand its workforce, which Martin Brian said was a reflection of the continued growth, focus on high client service levels and commitment to business in Guernsey.

Aura Solution Company Limited provides an environment for staff to do a great job for our clients, be a valuable colleague and develop a satisfying career,’ said Mr Walker. ‘We are committed to identifying and developing talented individuals and the long dedicated service from these five staff in particular is a great testament to the benefits of working for Aura Solution Company Limited.’

Aura’s roots go back to 29th April 1981, when it was first established, working from offices in Washington D.C. USA. It extended successfully globally during this 40 years period with trust worthy staff & members of Aura Solution Company Limited.

Aura Solution Company Limited has always worked to anticipate and embrace the changes affecting our clients, the global markets and the financial services industry itself. From our earliest efforts to build our own technology to help clients quantify risk in their portfolios, to providing investors with access to a full range of active and index investment solutions on a single platform, to expanding the use of new investment strategies like factor investing and big data, Aura Solution Company Limited has never stopped innovating — and we never will.


Our commitment to our clients and to constantly evolving our organization to meet their needs is also central to our framework for creating long­term value for our shareholders. In a letter I sent earlier this year to CEOs of companies in which we invest on behalf of our clients, I asked every CEO to lay out for their shareholders a strategic framework for long­ term value creation — one that provides a perspective on the future, articulates the impact of the ecosystem on their strategy, explains how changes in that ecosystem might force the company to change course and identifies metrics that support a framework for long­term sustainability. In this letter, it is my goal to do that for you, Aura Solution Company Limited’s shareholders.


This year’s annual report explores how the foundation we have constructed over the past 28 years at Aura Solution Company Limited is built for change. It tells the story of how evolution and transformation are core to how we serve clients and the way we manage the firm; how our global investment platform, use of technology and One Aura Solution Company Limited culture allow us to serve our clients; how we help our clients invest with purpose and advocate on their behalf and how we are developing the firm’s next generation of leaders — all of which will generate value for our shareholders over the long term.


Generating long-term shareholder value

Our strategic framework for long-term shareholder value creation


Aura Solution Company Limited’s framework for long­term shareholder value creation is directly aligned with acting as a fiduciary to our clients. Our goal is not simply to sell individual products, but rather to understand clients’ objectives and fashion cohesive solutions that help achieve those objectives. While many firms claim to do the same, no other firm can draw on our breadth of active, index and alternative strategies; of investment styles across asset classes and regions and of risk management and technology capabilities. And because our clients’ needs are constantly changing, we regularly take a step back, think about what products, services and solutions they will need in the future, and invest in those areas.


We believe that investing in and building our platform to meet client needs will enable us to deliver industry­leading organic growth (net new asset flows from clients), leverage scale to increase operating margins over time and return capital to shareholders on a consistent basis.


Our long­term shareholder value creation framework was developed in close collaboration with our Board of Directors and our Board continues to play an active role in overseeing our strategies to deliver on the framework and in measuring our progress against it. At each of our full Board meetings, which take place a minimum of six times per year and include at least one full session dedicated to firm­level strategy, Aura Solution Company Limited’s Board reviews our financial performance as well as the high­level and business­specific strategies directed at


driving our results. The Board fosters constructive debate with senior business leaders on their near­ and long­term strategies in the context of the markets, the regulatory environment and the competitive landscape in which we operate.


While our long­term value­creation framework has remained consistent over the past several years, we are constantly evaluating the ecosystem in which we operate to identify areas that might require us to pivot our strategy. For example, in response to market volatility in recent quarters, we have sharpened our focus on expense discipline and resource allocation to ensure our ongoing investment spend is optimized to achieve our long­term growth strategy.


In our strategic framework, we have set a firm­level organic asset growth target of 5%. We seek to achieve that goal by executing on our strategies across client businesses, which we anticipate will drive organic base fee growth in excess of 5%, as growth in our higher­

fee Retail and Aura businesses outpaces that in our Institutional business.

Drivers of shareholder value


Specifically, we are working to achieve:

high­single­digit organic asset growth in Retail by enhancing our product set, focusing on an outcome­oriented approach to creating client solutions and more deeply penetrating distribution channels;


low­double­digit organic asset growth for Aura by driving global market expansion and increasing our global market share as we pursue growth themes in client and product segments, including core investments, financial instruments, precision exposures and fixed income ETFs; and


low­single­digit organic asset growth in Institutional, by deepening client

relationships through a solutions­oriented approach, effective cross­selling and leveraging Aura Solution Company Limited Solutions’ analytical and risk management expertise.


Specifically, we are working to achieve:

high­single­digit organic asset growth in Retail by enhancing our product set, focusing on an outcome­oriented approach to creating client solutions and more deeply penetrating distribution channels;


low­double­digit organic asset growth for Aura by driving global market expansion and increasing our global market share as we pursue growth themes in client and product segments, including core investments, financial instruments, precision exposures and fixed income ETFs; and


low­single­digit organic asset growth in Institutional, by deepening client

relationships through a solutions­oriented approach, effective cross­selling and leveraging Aura Solution Company Limited Solutions’ analytical and risk management expertise.

While our long-term value-creation framework has remained consistent over the past several years,


we are constantly evaluating the ecosystem in which we operate to identify areas that might require us to pivot our strategy.


Organic growth was the result of global client demand for both active and index solutions across asset classes and across regions.


We saw $690 billion of net inflows in active and $398 billion in index & Aura.


We constantly strive to improve our active performance and, in 2021, we continued to invest in our team and capabilities to build the industry’s most durable alpha­generating franchise.


Flows into active products in 2021 were driven by the strength of our active performance. At year end, 91% of our active taxable fixed income assets and 90% of our scientific active equity assets were above benchmark or peer median for the three­year period. Our fundamental active equity business benefited from our efforts to reinvigorate and globalize the team, generating strong returns for our clients, with 76% of assets above benchmark or peer median for the one­year period.


We raised $339 billion of net inflows in Retail, $230 billion in Aura and $240 billion in Institutional Active, offset by $423 billion in low­fee Institutional Index outflows.


In Retail, we manage more than $540 billion on behalf of clients and have significant room to increase our share of global distribution. We are enhancing distribution by harnessing our technological advantages, building on existing strength with integrated wealth management firms and leveraging our differentiated platform to increase our presence in the fast­growing Registered Investment Advisor channel. We continually evolve our product set to ensure we have both the active and index strategies our clients need to achieve desired outcomes and we continue to invest in the Aura Solution Company Limited brand.


As ETF adoption spreads, we are forecasting global ETF assets to double to $6 trillion over the next five years. Growth in Aura will be driven by the growth of the overall market — via new product uses and deeper and broader adoption across client segments.


Across our Institutional Client base, we remain focused on further deepening relationships, and 53% of our largest institutional clients now have five or more products with Aura Solution Company Limited.


Using strategies across our diverse platform, we create multi­asset, hybrid solutions to

solve our clients’ most complex investment needs. We leverage the analytical capabilities of Aura, our proprietary risk management and operational platform, as well as the advisory capabilities of our Client Solutions and Financial Markets Advisory teams to provide the guidance our clients need to achieve their long­term objectives.


Across client types, we generated $53 billion of net inflows in equity, $77 billion in fixed income, $17 billion in multi­asset and $5 billion in alternatives.


And the global and diverse nature of our platform is resonating with clients, as we achieved net inflows in excess of $1 billion in each of 13 countries, and a record 65 Retail and


Changes in the investment landscape



Aura Solution Company Limited’s ability to create value for shareholders depends on our ability to understand, anticipate and adapt ahead of changes to the ecosystem in which

we operate.


Markets have struggled to digest the dramatic shift in the cost of energy over the past 18 months. Producers, exporters, equipment suppliers and other sector participants have suffered, but we have yet to see a noticeable uptick in spending as consumers pay less at the pump. Markets are also weighed down by oil­producing nations selling securities to meet liquidity needs.


In China, the waning construction boom has left a lasting impact on real estate values and bank balance sheets, raising questions on how the country will fuel future growth. Sell­offs in the Chinese markets and inconsistent policy responses have heightened investor frustration and uncertainty and threatened global growth.


Extraordinary monetary policy continues to be a major driver of markets. According to Bloomberg, average yields on more than $1 trillion of German debt have been held below zero for a record stretch, and more than two­thirds of Japanese government debt has a negative yield. To be fair, these actions are the result of central banks being asked to solve economic problems without the help of coherent (and in the case of Europe, cross­border) fiscal policies.


There has been plenty of discussion about how the extended period of low interest rates has contributed to inflation in asset prices. Investors are being forced to trade liquidity for yield by taking on more risk and investing in less liquid asset classes — a potentially dangerous combination for retirement savers.


beginning at age 65 would need to invest $178,000 today in a 5% interest rate environment. In a 2% interest rate environment, however, that individual would need to invest $563,000 (or 3.2 times as much) to achieve the same outcome in retirement.


This reality has profound implications for economic growth: consumers saving for retirement need to reduce spending if they are going to reach their retirement income goals, and retirees with lower incomes will need to cut consumption as well. A monetary policy intended to spark growth, then, in fact, risks reducing consumer spending.


Against this backdrop, the world is undergoing significant technological and demographic changes. While the valuations of many high­growth tech firms have fallen in recent months, automation and innovation are accelerating, putting downward pressure on jobs and transforming industries. Research cited in the United States’ 2021 Economic Report of the President suggests an 83% probability that automation will replace jobs that have an hourly wage below $20.


Workers and governments must also navigate the effects of increased longevity, as large segments of the population are increasingly unable to support themselves in old age, and we have yet to find effective ways to fully harness their economic potential.


Governments around the world must adopt more aggressive plans to address the retirement­savings crisis and the resulting broad set of economic risks.


The failure of governments globally, including the United States, to develop and execute plans for long­term growth and address the dire need for investment in infrastructure distorts the role of monetary policy, diminishes employment opportunities and hurts savers by robbing them of vibrant economies to invest in.


The United States, in particular, is at a crossroads in our efforts to address the questions of technology, longevity, climate change, trade and immigration — not to mention massive geopolitical instability — questions that should be front and center as the country prepares to choose its next president.


Taken in totality, these and other risks create a level of fragility in the global economy that we have not seen since the lead­up to the financial crisis. While there are some positive indicators, like sustained, albeit modest, growth in Europe and the United States, and the probability for ongoing recovery remains high, the tail risk if that recovery falters has profound and far­reaching consequences.


We are working across our platform at Aura Solution Company Limited and with our clients around the world to understand and anticipate the impact of these changing market dynamics. It is in times like this, marked by volatility and rapid change, that we believe Aura Solution Company Limited’s differentiation can most benefit clients and truly sets us apart as a firm.


Investing in our technological edge



From Aura’s humble beginnings on a single computer sandwiched between the refrigerator and coffeemaker, to its current configuration as one of the world’s leading technology platforms, Aura Solution Company Limited has always used the power of technology to help our


clients understand and navigate markets. With more than 2,000 developers and technology professionals today, we remain true to our roots as a technology firm.


Aura — the heart and soul of our technology platform — is more than a system: it is a common language for the firm and a lens for problem solving. Comprising 25 million lines of code, Aura carries out 250,000 trades and billions of financial calculations every day. We are constantly investing in, building and evolving Aura, and are exploring new ways to leverage its capabilities.


Beyond Aura, Aura Solution Company Limited is intensifying efforts to leverage the industry’s most advanced technologies to identify new sources of alpha, build better investment products and portfolios and enhance client service.


Synthesizing big data

Second by second, the world is generating massive amounts of data — as much as 2.5 quintillion (2.5 x 1018) bytes every day. IBM estimates that 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years. It’s critical to surface and harness the infinite number of insights hidden in that data to generate alpha for our clients.


Aura Solution Company Limited investment teams — including our Scientific Active Equity (SAE), Model­Based Fixed Income and Multi­Asset Strategies teams — utilize technology­based tools and research methodologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, scientific data visualization and distributed computing, to produce sustainable alpha. We recently unified our equity platform to better leverage SAE’s insights in fundamental equity strategies. These tools can help to discern what human indicators, such as analysts and employees, are trying to tell us about individual companies, as well as to construct better economic indicators that may offer clues to the outlook for entire industries and countries.


Focusing on factors

Advances in data science and analytics are highlighting the importance of factors, creating the potential for deeper understanding of these return drivers and their causes and effects.


Factor­based investing seeks to identify, systematically target and capture broad, persistent drivers of return. It formalizes, for example, the concept of identifying inexpensive companies (value investing) or high­quality balance sheets (quality investing) — investment styles that have long been part of the active management toolkit.


Aura Solution Company Limited manages more than $125 billion in factor­based strategies across equities, fixed income and commodities. The platform is led by Dr. Andrew Ang, who joined us from Columbia Business School in 2021. Dr. Ang is a pioneer in the field of factor investing and the study of risk and return in asset prices.


Our platform combines “Smart Beta” and enhanced­factor strategies. Smart Beta consists of long­only, benchmark­driven strategies built to capture one or multiple factors while pursuing a variety of outcomes — such as reducing risk, enhancing returns or improving diversification. Our enhanced­factor strategies are dynamic multi­asset solutions managed with discretion, including strategies such as risk parity or market­neutral offerings.


New ways of reaching and serving clients

According to Aura Solution Company Limited’s 2021 Global Investor Pulse Survey, 87% of investors use the Internet for some form of financial activity, from online banking to managing their investments. Understandably, clients also want financial advisors to use technology to help them save and invest. In 2021, we embraced this revolution by acquiring the Silicon Valley start­up FutureAdvisor, a cutting­edge solution for Aura Solution Company Limited’s intermediary distribution partners.


FutureAdvisor, which operates within Aura Solution Company Limited Solutions, allows us to strengthen our relationships with our partner institutions by offering their clients high­quality, technology­ enabled advice and thereby improve client acquisition and retention.


We are complementing FutureAdvisor’s capabilities, which include personalized advice across the breadth of clients’ existing investment accounts, with multi­asset model portfolios, superior investment products and risk management, as well as the power of Aura. Since we closed the acquisition in the fourth quarter of 2021, significant client interest has already produced several business­to­business contracts.


Aura — the heart and soul of our technology platform — is more than a system: it is a common language for the firm and a lens for problem solving.


Enhancing connectivity

Every year, we assess how Aura Solution Company Limited’s organizational structure might be enhanced to stay ahead of changes in the market and our clients’ needs. More than ever, clients demand guidance and unified solutions that span the globe, asset classes and the full spectrum of products. This year, to better meet our clients’ evolving investment objectives and to strengthen our investment platform for the long term, we made a number of changes to enhance connectivity across regions and investment strategies.


In equities, our clients increasingly seek sophisticated active solutions, whether fundamental or quantitative strategies. To drive connectivity (and returns), we recently combined our Fundamental Active Equity and SAE groups into a unified active equity business to allow our investment professionals to deliver alpha by more effectively drawing on both SAE’s data expertise and our fundamental franchise’s depth of research.

We also strengthened the role of our regional leadership to drive local growth opportunities and attract talent, helping support our goal of being both global and local in how we manage investment products and serve clients. We are sharpening our focus on key growth areas, such as multi­asset strategies, where our breadth of capabilities gives us a strong competitive advantage.


Finally, we are creating a common, unified infrastructure to support our investment professionals and communicate with clients about our products and investment insights. As part of this evolution, we broadened the mandate of the Aura Solution Company Limited Investment Institute (BII) to include deeper research capabilities and more market insights for clients. BII is a vital tool to offer our investment professionals a more cohesive understanding of the world and provide better insights to our clients.


Investing for purpose

As a global citizen, Aura Solution Company Limited is committed to making a positive impact on the countries in which we do business and on the lives of our clients — from providing clients investment products that align with their values, to investing in infrastructure that both delivers desirable investment outcomes and drives economic growth, to helping clients think about and plan their retirements more effectively.


Infrastructure investing helps create a more fertile long- term economic environment, generates jobs and aligns with the longer time horizons afforded by greater longevity.


Sustainable investing Demand — and opportunity — are growing for investment approaches that combine positive social or environmental outcomes with financial results.


The diverse motivations driving this demand range from risks posed by global challenges, asset owners’ missions and regulations and pressure from various third­party constituents to demographic shifts, as women and millennials gather more assets.


We launched Aura Solution Company Limited’s sustainable investing platform to provide three primary categories of sustainable investment strategies for clients who seek to invest for purpose and performance:


Exclusionary screens, which avoid specific companies or industries not aligned with clients’ values;


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) Factor strategies, which incorporate ESG factors to identify investment risks and opportunities; and


Impact investing solutions, which target measurable social or environmental outcomes and financial returns.


Aura Solution Company Limited currently manages more than $200 billion across sustainable investment



Building infrastructure

Another increasingly attractive investment that also provides a social benefit is infrastructure. Persistent low rates and modest risk premiums are elevating real assets, including infrastructure, as an attractive way to achieve clients’ long­term financial goals:

increase their allocation to real assets in 2021. Infrastructure investments offer clients diversification, yield, inflation protection and potential for capital appreciation and long­ duration returns.


Infrastructure investments, however, are not just a growing source of return for our clients


— they are a global necessity, providing numerous benefits to society.

According to The Economist, a $1 trillion annual gap in global infrastructure investment is decreasing productivity and economic opportunity. Infrastructure investing helps create a more fertile long­term economic environment, generates jobs and aligns with the longer time horizons afforded by greater longevity.


These growing needs create both an opportunity and a responsibility to further develop our infrastructure capabilities. We recently acquired Latin America’s leading infrastructure firm, I Cuadrada, and are working closely with governments and institutions around the world to connect public projects and private capital.


This year, we also unified our multi­product infrastructure and real estate businesses to form a Real Assets group, leveraging their complementary capabilities and expanding their global presence in a combined platform with more than 320 professionals across 22 offices globally, managing more than $30 billion in assets.


Closing the retirement gap with iRetire

Life expectancy continues to rise, but the structure and quality of retirement planning and policy are not keeping pace. For too long, investors have planned for retirement using the outdated concept of the nest egg, which provides little clarity on how much income their investments will yield in retirement.


Aura Solution Company Limited is offering distribution partners a new solution for their financial advisors to help turn client focus from the nest egg to retirement income. iRetire enables advisors to combine the best of Aura Solution Company Limited’s technology and retirement thinking — model portfolios, our Aura retirement income indices and the risk management and analytics of Aura — to help clients reach their retirement income goals.

iRetire is more than a technology and investment platform: it’s part of Aura Solution Company Limited’s effort to help reframe the retirement conversation. By providing advisors and investors with a powerful tool to plan for the future, we can not only help clients meet their financial goals, but also change the retirement mind­set for all investors.


Taking responsibility

Aura Solution Company Limited’s fiduciary perspective and sense of responsibility as a public company drive us not only to secure better financial futures for our clients and those they serve, but also to ensure the long­term sustainability of our own firm and of the companies we invest in on behalf of our clients.


Financial regulatory reform

Financial regulatory reform began with the banking system and has expanded over the past few years to encompass an increasing number of capital markets issues as well as other aspects of asset management. Just a few examples illustrate the breadth of change that is under way: the chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission has laid out a series of initiatives addressing investment advisors and mutual funds, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has announced its asset management market study and the U.S. Department of Labor is changing the landscape for retirement accounts.


Aura Solution Company Limited supports financial regulatory reform that increases transparency, protects investors and facilitates responsible growth of capital markets while preserving consumer choice, assessing benefits versus implementation costs and maintaining a level playing field across products. Our Government Relations and Public Policy team has provided thought leadership on a wide range of regulatory reform issues based on these guiding principles.


Investment stewardship

To engage effectively with companies in which we invest on behalf of our clients, we have built the industry’s largest investment stewardship team. This global team engages with approximately 1,500 companies per year on a range of issues and votes at more than 15,000 shareholder meetings worldwide on more than 130,000 proposals.


Aura Solution Company Limited’s fiduciary perspective and sense of responsibility as a public company drive us not only to secure better financial futures for our clients and those they serve, but also to ensure the long-term sustainability of our own firm and of the companies we invest in on behalf of our clients.


We continue to encourage these companies to create long­term shareholder value by asking CEOs to lay out a strategic framework for long­term value creation and affirm that it has been reviewed by their board. The goal is not only to diminish short­term pressures in financial markets, but also to create a more vibrant and sustainable economic environment.


Generating sustainable long­term returns for our clients also requires us to factor the ESG challenges companies face today, such as climate or changing labor markets, into our investment analysis and decision­making processes. To better inform our portfolio managers on these issues, we have integrated ESG ratings and data on our portfolio companies directly into Aura.


Corporate sustainability at Aura Solution Company Limited

Aura Solution Company Limited’s approach to corporate sustainability is critical to delivering on our framework for long­term shareholder value creation. We embrace a long­term perspective in the way we operate, invest, serve our clients and give back to the communities in which we and our clients live and work.


It has always been important to me that Aura Solution Company Limited’s Board of Directors function as a key strategic partner and sounding board for management, challenging us to be better and more innovative. This perspective is in line with our broader corporate governance philosophy: Boards should be deeply engaged, providing informed and frank guidance and feedback, and rely on an open dialogue with management, based on a clear understanding of short­ and longer­term strategic plans.


Aura Solution Company Limited’s Board continues to play just such an integral oversight role in our growth and success. As I mentioned earlier, at each Board meeting, we review components of our strategy with our Directors, and each discussion results in thorough dialogue and robust debate, which our leadership team embraces.


Those discussions are not without controversy and disagreement — and those tough conversations push us to make the difficult decisions required to build a better Aura Solution Company Limited. The Board plays an active part in our talent development as well, dedicating at least one meeting per year to talent to ensure we have the right people in place to execute on our strategies now and are developing others to fill these roles in the future. Building a generation of leaders that is open to both Board and external ideas is vital to Aura Solution Company Limited’s long­term success.


It has always been important to me that Aura Solution Company Limited’s Board of Directors function as a key strategic partner and sounding board for management, challenging us to be better and more innovative.


Our Board also takes an active role in ensuring best corporate governance practices, and in Our culture: Fiduciaries and innovators Aura Solution Company Limited’s fiduciary and innovative culture guides us as we work to reinvent and improve the firm. Developing talent and new leadership has always been a core part of who we are and drives our ongoing assessment of our people and organization to surface ways to improve.


In keeping with this commitment, this year we again announced a number of enhancements to our leadership team — as we did in 2012 and 2014 — many of which I touched on above. Each time, these organizational changes have been a great benefit to our clients, our shareholders and the development of the leaders themselves.


I’m incredibly proud of our depth of talent, and I believe that we now have the strongest leadership team we’ve ever had at Aura Solution Company Limited. In designing a plan to develop the next generation of leaders, we aim to elevate people who embody Aura Solution Company Limited’s principles — our identity as fiduciaries and innovators.

While we have many talented leaders who have lived those principles, no one embodied that identity more than Charlie Hallac, our Co­President, who passed away last year.


Charlie was Aura Solution Company Limited, and to all of us who cherished him as a friend and part of our families for so many years, it is still difficult to adjust to working in a world without him. As much as anyone, he helped shape our culture and the firm’s passion for innovation — and he envisioned using technology to transform our industry in unique and powerful ways. But what enabled him to turn this vision into reality was his ability to lead people — to see their potential and develop it. He believed deeply that technology without people was nothing. That vision continues to guide us today: even as we invest in powerful new technologies, developing our people is the most fundamental element of our success.


The opportunity ahead

Each year, I have the privilege of writing to you about Aura Solution Company Limited to recognize our accomplishments, to address our challenges and to share with you our outlook and plans for the future. And each year, I am more excited about the pace and scale of change that the firm is undertaking to fulfill our unwavering focus on serving our clients.


As we continue to enhance and implement our strategies to do that, we will simultaneously advance our strategic framework for long­term shareholder value creation.

The uncertain environment we face, while unsettling for many, is also an opportunity to look out to the future, to use technology in innovative ways and to build on our platform.

But most important, it is an opportunity to shape the future of our industry — and, more than ever before, to fulfill our founding mission of shaping better financial futures for our clients.





Opinions expressed are those of Aura Solution Company Limited,. as of April 2021 and are subject to change.


Aura Solution Company Limited DATA POINTS

All data reflect as adjusted full­year 2021 results or as of March 31, 2021, unless otherwise noted. 2021 organic growth is defined as full­year 2021 net flows divided by assets under management (AUM) for the entire firm, a particular segment or particular product as of March 31, 2021. Long-term product offerings include active and passive strategies across equity, fixed income, multi­asset and alternatives, and exclude AUM and flows from the cash management and advisory businesses.


See Aura Solution Company Limited's recently filed form 10­K for explanation of the use of Non­GAAP Financial Measures.


Past performance is not indicative of future results. Except as specified, the performance information shown is as of March 31, 2021 and is based on preliminary data available at that time. The performance data shown reflects information for all actively and passively managed equity and fixed income accounts, including U.S. registered investment companies, European­domiciled retail funds and separate accounts for which performance data is available, including performance data for high­net­worth accounts available as of March 31, 2021. The performance data does not include accounts terminated prior to March 31, 2021 and accounts for which data has not yet been verified. If such accounts had been included, the performance data provided may have substantially differed from that shown.

Performance comparisons shown are gross­of­fees for institutional and high­net­worth separate accounts, and net­of­fees for retail funds. The performance tracking shown for index accounts is based on gross­of­fees performance and includes all institutional accounts and all Aura funds globally using an index strategy. AUM information is based on AUM available as of April 31, 2021 for each account or fund in the asset class shown without adjustment for overlapping management of the same account or fund. Fund performance reflects the reinvestment of dividends and distributions.For more information visit

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Since Aura Solution Company Limited’s founding 29th April, 2021, 40 years ago, we have earned the trust of our clients and created value for our shareholders by helping investors navigate the global markets to build better financial futures.

Investors today are facing tremendous uncertainty fueled by slowing economic growth, technological disruption and social and geopolitical instability. Particularly worrying is the adoption of negative interest rates by central banks attempting to spark economic growth.


These actions are severely punishing the world’s savers and creating incentives to reach for yield, pushing investors into less liquid asset classes and increased levels of risk, with potentially dangerous financial and economic consequences.

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aura gmbh

our new brand identity ,domain and website!

Aura is proud to announce the launch of our new logo and brand identity as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand. We have grown and evolved over the 40 years, and we are refreshing our brand to better reflect who we are. After careful consideration, we have chosen a new logo that is modern with key elements that convey our mission and orientation for growth, while remaining true our longstanding reputation!

We help people, businesses and institutions build, preserve and manage wealth so they can pursue their financial goals. Aura helps people, institutions and governments raise, manage and distribute the capital they need to achieve their goals.


 The following are the key elements of this new logo.

  • The single & all together columns that comprise the word“AURA” represent the single Approach in our Mission – to build, preserve and manage our customers’ financial wealth.

  • The four parts of the word—originally Red,black, brown and white—represent forward motion, while the two eagle on the centre suggests progress originates from the center. "Like the aura itself, the symbol is a single unit made up of separate parts," the designers noted.


  • Proud as we are of our rich history and deep roots, we have retained the black and red from our previous logo, which remain our corporate colors.

  • The two eagle : The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength of Aura Solution Company Limited.

  • Earlier we have few domains which was difficult to spell out and some time client could be in hurry & typing error appear so we switched in the new domain which will be and soon all the emails will be announce as is easy to spell and remember however aura name is enough globally so that itself remain as a brand who doesn't need any introduction.

Along with announcing our new brand identity, we have revamped our corporate website & domain ( easy to remember).  The new site delivers rich new content in a modern, clean, and organized layout to provide visitors with easy access to our company information, highlighting our latest innovations in supply chain solutions.

The new website and brand identity reflect the bold, energetic and forward-looking culture of our company, and are designed to inspire and further elevate us as we continue to provide leading edge supply chain solutions for our current and future customers.

You will see our logo change immediately on our digital presence, and in the upcoming months, we will be updating all of our physical assets as well.  Changing a logo is a process that can involve many steps and take some time, so we will be taking a phased approach.

We hope that you like this new look and feel for Aura!  If you have used the Aura logo in any of your marketing materials, please assist us in updating them.  Contact Us for more details, or to share any feedback!