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Avoid Fraudulent IP-IP,IP-ID,DTC,Manual Transaction

Aura received alerts from cautious customers about some fraudulent approaches from individuals stating that they should send IP-IP, IP-ID, DTC,Screen downloading schemes whereby an exceptional amount of commission returns within an extremely short tenure. This is in the form Manual Downloading of cash fund DTC, Blue screen & all Financial Instruments, examples of which are as under.

  • The transaction talks about offering 100% cash to Aura accounts over a short period of time through pledging of IP Transfer which contains online transaction with fancy coloured copy .The amount will be utilised in the dream projects of brokers.(Buy the Bill Gates, If Indian joker then buy Ambani House , Even though these jokers didn’t had a proper meal in their life time).

Instructions for Customers

  • Kindly record details of individuals, companies & any available documentation of a suspect proposal pertaining to IP-IP,IP –ID,DTC,and any kind of manual transaction schemes wherein you have been approached for transaction in these schemes / routing of such funds through Aura  accounts.

Since such schemes are fraud prone do not entertain in such schemes and contact your Relationship Managers / Aura branch staff for guidance immediately.

Any issue or complaint or query feel free to write us

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