A comprehensive service offering

We work with our clients to cover governance and legal issues, as well as risks relating to their funds so asset managers can focus on their main business. When clients choose us as the management company for their fund, we provide the full range of governance services. When we do not act as management company, clients may nevertheless select from our services separately according to their needs.

To ensure that our fund services are distinguished from other parts of the Aura Solution Company Limited and comply with industry regulations, we offer all fund services through FundPartner Solutions (FPS), two independent fund management companies.


Legal and governance advices

During our first meeting, a relationship manager will be assigned as your contact person. He will be accompanied by a specialist who will help you set up and register the fund as your needs dictate. Your relationship manager's role will then be to identify the pros and cons of possible fund structures, taking account of your overall objectives.


  • Set-up, registration and launching of funds

  • Drawing up legal documentation to comply with applicable regulations

  • Filing and follow-up of documents and applications with national and international authorities

  • Providing legal and tax advice.

Fund domiciliation

  • Acting as gatekeeper for legal documentation

  • Managing investor correspondence and documentation.


Risk and compliance

To mitigate risks, ensure compliance with industry regulations and protect investors, our specialist teams apply Aura’s own rigorous risk management and compliance procedures. In common with all other fund services, clients have direct access to our experts.

Risk management

We manage counterparty, liquidity and operational risks for third-party UCITS or non-UCITS funds.

Investment controlling and compliance

  • Controlling: monitoring of legal limits and contractual agreements related to the investment portfolio

  • Eligibility: assessments of eligibility of assets, reviewing of prospectuses

  • Reporting: comprehensive reporting for boards of directors and clients.


Fund governance services

  • Regulatory reporting

  • Regulatory watch

  • Risk & compliance

  • Investment controlling

  • Monitoring the eligibility of different financial instruments

  • Fiscal and legal advice

  • Drafting of prospectuses

  • Dedicated management companies

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