Our strategies

Our aim is to understand our institutional clients' objectives and provide appropriate investment solutions for them.

A number of attributes run through all our strategies: a focus only on areas where we believe we can truly deliver for our clients, the pre-eminence of a long-term mind-set, a team approach, the importance of innovation and a collective approach to risk management. Our analytical resources are organised along three axes: Greater Europe, where we have a natural advantage; the Emerging World, where we have been pioneers in equity, debt and credit markets; and Global Specialities, where we have a long record of developing original global investment approaches.

We do not impose a single investment approach on our teams. Each team is independent, as we believe this encourages innovation and accountability. This freedom has resulted in the development of a number of pioneering strategies, from the launch of the first Water fund in 2000, to our market leading Emerging Market Debt strategies or the recent launch of our Robotics strategy.

All our investment teams are encouraged to adopt a long-term mindset, as we believe long-term investing should be the foundation of managing portfolios. This means sometimes we may need to forgo short-term returns to ultimately enhance returns in the long term. Our investment teams are unified by a collegiate style and adhere to the highest risk management standards.

Adhering strictly to these principles has helped us become a preferred investment partner for our clients.



We have over 100 investment professionals focused on equity investing split across six investment centres: Phuket  Thailand Geneva Zurich London Tokyo Hong Kong and Singapore.

A pioneering approach to equity investing

We are not tied to any particular style or school of investing. This is because we acknowledge there is no single approach that works for all markets at all times. As a result, our equity teams span fundamental, quantitative, style-based and thematic approaches.

As we do not impose a single investment approach, our investment teams have the freedom to develop compelling investment ideas that meet our clients' goals.

This means at times we have been an early mover. For example, we launched our first thematic fund in 1995 and the industry's first water fund in 2000.  Meanwhile our global emerging market equity strategy dates back to the mid 1980s.

We also offer a range of well established global and developed market strategies including defensive global, EAFE, Japan, Europe and Asean equities.

Our experience in dealing with the rigorous and varied requirements of institutional investors means we are experienced in offering tailored, comprehensive and transparent risk management as an integral part of our ongoing relationship with our clients.



We cultivate the independence of our investment teams which we believe is crucial to encouraging innovation and delivering the best outcomes for clients.

Specialist teams supported by well-resourced investment platform

We have been building our fixed income business since the early 1990s, adding to our capabilities as we have sought to meet client demand and sourced compelling future market opportunities.

Our team of nearly 90 fixed income investment professionals is based in Geneva, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our traders and product specialists offer the support that ensures our independent asset management teams can stay focused on generating the best possible risk-adjusted returns.


Our priority is ensuring that each one of our independent fixed income teams is focused only on investing, while benefiting from the support of our wider platform. 


We do not impose a central investment style on our fixed income teams. But each team adheres to three broad principles:

Diversification, which is at the core of all of our fixed income portfolios.

A free exchange of ideas generated by our experienced analysts and encouraged by our team-based approach, followed by the clear ownership of investment decisions by the portfolio managers.

Risk management, which is key to achieving investment objectives. 



Volatile equity markets and low bond yields mean clients are increasingly turning to market neutral and directional strategies. The development of our Aura Total Return range has been a natural extension for us given our consistent emphasis on delivering alpha in our long-only strategies extensive research resources and history of developing innovative investment strategies.

Market-leading hedge fund strategies : We have had funds with long-short investment approaches since 2004 but demand for absolute rather than relative returns picked up after the 2008 global financial crisis. We now offer a broad range of hedge fund strategies investing in equity, fixed income and multi strategy approaches, across global and regional mandates. The funds span market-neutral and relative-value long/short vehicles.

For over 10 years we have shown our commitment to institutions looking for alternative return sources by building a well-resourced range of hedge fund strategies. 

The support of a wider investment platform: Each of our total return strategies is run by a specialist, but crucially they benefit from the wider operational platform and risk oversight of being within an established European Asset Manager. Operationally this includes a dedicated trading desk just for our total return teams, but also encompasses access to wider investment and research teams within Aura Asset Management as well as the access to external corporate management teams.


Global Strategies

An increasing number of CEOs are currently changing their company's strategy, and many consider the change as 'fundamental'.

This trend is reflective of today's rapidly changing business environment. And changing business profoundly isn't easy -- especially in uncertain economic times.

Through clear objectives, a distinct business model, innovative culture, technologies and metrics— a few business leaders will make the right choices and achieve the growth they want. We help your business do just that. From strategy to execution, our advisers work with you to translate boardroom strategy into action and results, creating distinctive strategies that work.


Strategic planning

We help you set your ambition, generate and evaluate key initiatives, identify other options to fill any gap in your ambition, and deliver your plan.


Growth strategy

Successful growth strategies are based upon commercialising innovations that deliver new sources of value to your organisation and its stakeholders. We help you develop the structures and culture that enable new innovations to emerge so you can accelerate and successfully deliver the benefits from your innovations to the market.


Financial and acquisition strategy

We help you achieve an in-depth understanding of your market through modelling, competition and pricing analysis. We conduct due diligence analysis, integration planning and post-merger integration services for small, medium and large-scale deals.


Business and technology design

We offer a deep level of industry insight into game-changing technology platforms and innovations needed to inform and achieve your strategic business goals.


Customer strategy

Customers are at the heart of every business, from business strategy through to delivery. We help you improve how you target customers; sell product and services; deliver better customer service; engage customers online or anywhere, and use business insight to make better decisions.


Organisational strategy

Achieving strategic alignment requires congruence between an organisation’s strategy and its structures, processes and people. We help you transform your strategic intent into long-term shareholder value, enabling better execution of your strategies in complex and dynamic situations.

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Career with Aura

At Aura Solution Company Limited, we’re always looking for talented people to join our team. We encourage you to submit an application expressing the position you want to apply for and your resume to our Talent Acquisition Team at the email address below at any time, even if the current openings are not of specific interest.

If we think you're right for us, we'll find a place for you.Our values and behaviour  define the expectations we have for working together and with clients. Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures across the firm, they are what we all have in common.



Learn about career development opportunities at Aura Solution Company Limited, where you’ll collaborate with industry leaders and innovators who will guide and support you, as you forge a path to success.

Explore all the ways to start your career at Aura Solution Company Limited, no matter your field of interest, or background. If you’re ready to excel, we want you on our team.



Ready for the next level? You’ll discover plenty of opportunities for career advancement at Aura Solution Company Limited, as you collaborate with others eager to create, innovate and make an impact on the world. Explore all that we have to offer. At Aura Solution Company Limited, we hire people who are ready to inspire, innovate, collaborate and make a real impact, no matter what role they pursue, from investment banker to market research analyst. 



Our mission is to catalyze and accelerate an integrated and transparent strategy around diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to deliver the full potential of Aura and drive meaningful change within our firm and beyond. 

"At Aura, diversity is an opportunity—for clients, employees and the firm. By valuing diverse perspectives, we can better serve our clients while we help employees achieve their professional objectives. 

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