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Welcome Back Mr. S.E. Dezfouli to Aura Solution Company Limited

To whom It May Concern

We are thrilled to announce the return of Mr. S.E. Dezfouli to Aura Solution Company Limited, as he resumes his position as the Head of Europe & Iran. After a challenging period of health issues that necessitated a series of surgeries and a well-deserved rest, Mr. Dezfouli is back with renewed energy and determination.

Mr. Dezfouli's absence was due to a health condition that required extensive medical attention and recovery time. During this period, he also faced psychological challenges, especially with the unfortunate news of the passing of our esteemed colleague, Mr. Martin Brian, which deeply affected him. Consequently, Mr. Dezfouli made the difficult decision to request voluntary retirement as he believed his health might continue to impact Aura's reputation.

However, we are pleased to inform you that Mr. Dezfouli's health has significantly improved after a short breakdown, and he has expressed his desire to rejoin the Aura team. We wholeheartedly welcome him back and appreciate his dedication and commitment to the company.

You can reach Mr. Dezfouli via email at and on the following contact numbers:

Phone: +31 6 54253096

WhatsApp: +31 6 54253096

Please join us in welcoming Mr. S.E. Dezfouli back to Aura Solution Company Limited. We are excited to have him back and look forward to his continued contributions and leadership.

Best regards, Aura Solution Company Limited

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