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At Aura Solution Company Limited, we offer highly personalised private banking services with a focus on preserving and growing the wealth of our clients through the generations. Located in the Phuket - heart of Thailand, the Aura draws on expertise from top specialists from around the world, delivering global investment services across currencies and markets.

Welcome to Aura, where personalized private banking transcends boundaries. Our mission is to seamlessly connect you with global opportunities while introducing you to an exclusive network of like-minded individuals. At Aura, your needs and the management of your wealth are our utmost priority. As one of the premier private banks catering to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and support tailored to your unique requirements. Join us in experiencing a world of bespoke financial solutions crafted just for you.

The distinction of being a family-controlled enterprise bestows upon us the privilege to prioritize long-term growth, unburdened by the constraints of short-term thinking. This grants us the resilience to cultivate stability and sustainability in our business model. As we gaze ahead into the future, we hold dear the trust that our clients have placed in us. This trust inspires us to persistently evolve, innovate, and drive forward while upholding our timeless principles and values. In a landscape of constant change, we remain steadfast, ever guided by our legacy, principles, and values as we forge ahead into the coming years.












At Aura, we take immense pride in our distinguished role as global leaders in Private Banking. Our passion lies in propelling you towards financial prosperity with unwavering commitment and dedication. We understand that the journey to financial well-being is deeply personal. That's why we stand firmly resolved to provide you with unparalleled opportunities and tailored support to achieve your wealth aspirations.

No matter where you stand in your financial journey—whether starting out or already making significant strides towards financial independence—we are steadfast companions by your side. Our mission transcends conventional banking; we aim to be your trusted partners, equipped with the expertise and resources essential to navigate the intricate world of finance with confidence.

Aura comprises several member firms, each a distinct legal entity collaborating harmoniously to offer exceptional Private Banking services globally. We value local ownership and respect the need for autonomy within various jurisdictions, while remaining unwavering in upholding the integrity of our family firm amidst evolving regulatory landscapes.













Helen Winston: Bridging Academic Brilliance with Real-World Banking Insight

The trajectory of Helen Winston's ascent to the presidency of Aura Solution Company Limited's Private Bank symbolizes a seamless integration of academic prowess and practical wisdom, a narrative that intertwines erudition with experiential learning. Holding a distinguished Ph.D. in Finance from Harvard, Helen embarked on her financial odyssey grounded in theoretical foundations. Yet, it was her collaboration with the esteemed late Mr. Martin Brian, the Senior Vice President at Aura, that truly sculpted her into an adept leader in the banking domain.

Harvard University's prestigious halls cultivated her intellectual acumen, yet Helen soon encountered the limitations of academic teachings in encapsulating the intricate dynamics of the banking realm. Her partnership with Mr. Brian, a venerable stalwart in the industry, transcended conventional mentorship, offering a transformational tutelage that textbooks could scarcely provide.

Under Mr. Brian's sagacious guidance, Helen underwent a profound metamorphosis into the nuanced world of banking. The mastery of risk navigation, the art of real-time strategic decision-making, and the delicate equilibrium between client exigencies and financial solutions were lessons not confined to scholarly dissertations but acquired through immersive experiences and pragmatic applications.

Beyond mere banking strategies, Mr. Brian's mentorship instilled in Helen a philosophy rooted in ethics, transparency, and an unwavering quest for excellence. Their collaboration emphasized banking not merely as a transactional enterprise but as a relational cornerstone built on enduring partnerships, market empathy, and principled practices.

Assuming leadership at Aura's Private Bank, Helen seamlessly fused her academic erudition with the invaluable practical insights imbibed from her mentor. Her tenure with Mr. Brian not only honed her banking prowess but also crafted her into a leader endowed with a rare amalgamation of intellect, intuition, and an unwavering commitment to the ethical principles instilled by her mentor.

As Helen assumed her role, she brought forth not just the scholarly prestige of a Harvard Ph.D. but also a wealth of experiential wisdom fostered by Mr. Brian's astute mentorship. This synthesis of academic brilliance and practical sagacity equipped her to navigate the complexities of the financial world with a unique blend of intellectual prowess and empathetic leadership, symbolizing the transformative potential of harmonizing theoretical excellence with pragmatic wisdom.

Helen Winston's journey stands as a testament to the harmonious merger of academic excellence and pragmatic mentorship, underscoring the pivotal role of amalgamating theory with real-world insights in shaping astute leaders poised to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

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