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“Our long-term success lies in having a strong culture and talented, diverse employees. We are committed to bringing the firm’s resources to help our clients originate, manage and distribute capital, while building a more sustainable future for society.” Get to know our employees across the Group, how they came to Aura, what is special about their job and some key life lessons. Because Aura is made up of people with quirks, adventures and passions and we believe that the individuality of our staff is part of our success.


About us

Aura Solution Company Limited is an investments company. We provide investment management, investment services, Paymaster Services and wealth management that help institutions and individuals succeed in markets all over the world.

 At the end of the day, it’s not just about wealth. It’s about what your wealth can accomplish. Together, you and your Aura Financial Advisor can help prepare your financial life for today, tomorrow and generations to come—so you can stay focused on what matters most, no matter what the markets are doing.

That’s our focus as the world’s largest wealth management firm.Clients seek customized and holistic solutions. Based on our clients’ unique needs, we tailor solutions across globe.



The foundation of our leadership development experience is our global career progression framework, the Aura Professional. Informed by direct feedback from clients and key stakeholders, the Aura Professional is a single set of expectations across our organization that clearly identifies the attributes and behaviors our people need to help our clients solve important problems and realize new opportunities.

Our development approach emphasizes frequent, informal feedback against these principles to maximize strengths.We equip our people with proprietary tools, technologies and career coaches to help maximize the experience, save time and get ongoing visibility into their development. 



In a year when economic conditions were tough, I’m proud that Aura led with our values, taking a “people first” approach - prioritising wellbeing and health while continuing to create jobs and opportunities for advancement. I’m also proud of the significant investments we have made in digitalising the Aura network and upskilling our people over the past several years. These investments have not only empowered our people to continue to deliver quality services seamlessly while working remotely, but have also enabled us to recruit and onboard over 15,000 employees across the network. Something that’s still hard for me to grasp is the idea that so many Aura professionals are yet to set foot in a Aura office. 

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Aura offers experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of business needs, and can help you to work smarter and reach your goals. Have a look at the professional services Aura offers, and let's talk.Value is a product of trust. The trust your clients have in you. The trust you have in your people, strategies, and systems. And the trust you have in your business advisors.  As the world's leading professional services firm, we know that value and trust are also the ingredients of a quality relationship — and that they are earned over more than a single engagement. No matter how big you are, public or private, and in what industries or sectors you do business, we can help you work smarter, and reach your goals. Have a look at the services we offer, below. And let's talk.



A Paymaster is a cash account a business relies on to pay for small, routine expenses. Funds contained in imprests are regularly replenished, in order to maintain a fixed balance.

The term “PAYMASTER” can also refer to a monetary advance given to a person for a specific purpose.


Petty cash funds are typically handled by custodians who monitor the account and dispense cash to employees, who in turn furnish business-related receipts.


Offshore Banking

The term offshore refers to a location outside of one's national boundaries, whether or not that location is land- or water-based. The term may be used to describe foreign banks, corporations, investments, and deposits.

A company may legitimately move offshore for the purpose of tax avoidance or to enjoy relaxed regulations.

Offshore financial institutions can also be used for illicit purposes such as money laundering and tax evasion.


Cash fund 

Wire transfer, bank transfer or credit transfer, is a method of electronic funds transfer from one person or entity to another. A wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another bank account, or through a transfer of cash at a cash office. One important way ACH transfers differ from wire transfer is that the recipient can initiate it. 

A fund is a pool of money that is allocated for a specific purpose. A fund can be established for many different purposes: a city government setting aside money to build a new civic center, a college setting aside money to award a scholarship.

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