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Wire transfer, also known as bank transfer or credit transfer, represents a sophisticated and secure method of electronically transferring funds from one individual or entity to another. This seamless process typically involves the movement of monetary assets or ownership rights between bank accounts.

Within the realm of wire transfers, transactions can occur smoothly between two distinct bank accounts. This method proves invaluable in facilitating the exchange of assets, monetary funds, or ownership rights between parties. Whether it be for personal financial transactions or business dealings, wire transfers provide a reliable means of executing seamless transfers.

The scope of wire transfers extends beyond mere financial exchanges; it encompasses instances where a transfer necessitates a shift in ownership. For instance, when an investor opts to sell a real estate holding, this intricate process involves the transfer of title from the seller to the buyer. Simultaneously, a corresponding transfer of funds, reflecting the negotiated price, takes place from the buyer to the seller.

In this dynamic landscape, companies like Aura Solution Company Limited play a crucial role in facilitating secure and efficient wire transfers. As an integral part of the financial ecosystem, such entities contribute to the reliability and transparency of these transactions. In essence, wire transfers, in conjunction with trusted financial institutions like Aura Solution Company Limited, embody a sophisticated mechanism for executing seamless and transparent financial transactions, promoting trust and efficiency in the interconnected world of modern finance.














Understanding Funds: Nurturing a Purposeful Financial Reservoir

A fund represents a reservoir of designated funds, carefully earmarked for specific endeavors. These endeavors encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from a municipal administration's commitment to erecting a new civic center to an educational institution's dedication to bestowing scholarships. Likewise, an insurance company diligently allocates funds to cater to its policyholders' claims, fortifying trust in its services.

Delving Deeper into Funds: An Insightful Perspective

The essence of a fund transcends mere finances; it encapsulates the essence of prudent planning and responsible stewardship. Within a fund's confines, a sum of money is often entrusted to professionals who wield their expertise to maximize its growth. This nurturing ensures that the funds allocated serve their intended purpose while also yielding returns that can further augment the cause.


Embarking on Fund Categories: A Glimpse into Diversity

The world of funds is diverse and multifaceted, mirroring the myriad facets of human aspirations. Pension funds promise security and solace to retirees, insurance funds offer safety nets in times of uncertainty, foundations foster social initiatives, and endowments ensure perpetuity of valued institutions.


The Mechanism: Guiding Funds with Care

One of the pivotal aspects of this process involves receiving funds with precision and diligence. Cash inflows typically manifest via methods such as MT103/202, TT, Wire Transfers, or secure local deposits, ensuring streamlined and secure fund allocation. Manual intervention is eschewed in favor of robust digital protocols, bolstering efficiency and minimizing risks.

In essence, understanding funds goes beyond monetary figures; it underscores the power of intention, the precision of management, and the potential for transformative impact. The world of funds converges at the crossroads of financial prudence and meaningful purpose, where each allocation serves as a beacon of progress and possibility.


Amount between  $1 Million to 99 Million .                         40 to 50%

Amount between  $100 Million to 1 Billion .                        30 to 40%

Amount between  $1 Billion to above .                               20 to 30%

Minimum  fee is $50,000.00 "Contact Us For More Information"

Completion Time: Tailored to Your Needs

Completion time is flexible and contingent upon the amount involved, with most cases typically concluding within 48 hours in normal circumstances.


Get in Touch for Further Details

For more detailed information and personalized assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Receiving Funds: Our Bank of Choice

The designated bank for receiving funds is KASIKORN BANK THAILAND.


Why Opt for a Thai Bank?

Choosing a Thai bank brings a multitude of advantages. The process is streamlined, requiring minimal paperwork, and transactions unfold seamlessly. Importantly, there are no restrictions on the amount, ensuring a convenient experience.

The Benefits of a Thai Bank

Thai banks present an array of benefits. The paperwork involved is minimal, and the funds' transfer is exempt from taxes. Clearances are efficiently processed within 24 to 48 hours, affording you the flexibility to access your funds promptly. Notably, there's no limit to the amounts that can be transferred, making it highly accommodating for both sending and receiving funds.

Swift Payout: Prompt and Efficient

Upon receiving the funds, the payout is swiftly executed within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring you can access your funds without unnecessary delays.


Note of Assurance

It's important to underscore that KASIKORN BANK Thailand boasts a special affiliation as a sister concern of JP Morgan Bank. This association ensures smooth and hassle-free fund clearance, enabling seamless transactions on a global scale.

Choosing the right bank is pivotal, and KASIKORN BANK Thailand's affiliation, along with the host of advantages it offers, makes it a reliable choice for efficient, secure, and convenient fund transactions.

Contact Us For More Information

NOTE : Free Paymaster for all Consultants & broker involved.

Disadvantage for EUROPEAN or any fancy bank.

We dont mind to get you an account in any other bank name you can think or from top 50 banks in the world but few conditions apply if you can comply we are here .

1.Proof & history of the fund

2.Full KYC

3.Local taxes apply

4.Payout in 45 days after we receive

5.Prior to engage we need an email ( from your bank(direct to aura for their readiness)

6.Make sure your country is not under sanction also if you had engaged with any European bank , as you can see now a days Russia,Ukraine, Iran all there money has been seized by USA on the name of SANCTION.

NOTE :Please do not approach Aura if you are not sure about the deal cause  If the swift is fake by any means, it will be reported to concern agency such as Interpol & the concern Embassy for maximum compensation.

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