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Fund Receiver

Wire transfer, bank transfer or credit transfer, is a method of electronic funds transfer from one person or entity to another. A wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another bank account, A transfer involves the movement of assets, monetary funds, or ownership rights from one account to another. A transfer may require an exchange of funds when it involves a change in ownership, such as when an investor sells a real estate holding. In this case, there is a transfer of title from the seller to the buyer and a simultaneous transfer of funds, equal to the negotiated price, from the buyer to the seller.



Understanding Funds: Nurturing a Purposeful Financial Reservoir

A fund represents a reservoir of designated funds, carefully earmarked for specific endeavors. These endeavors encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from a municipal administration's commitment to erecting a new civic center to an educational institution's dedication to bestowing scholarships. Likewise, an insurance company diligently allocates funds to cater to its policyholders' claims, fortifying trust in its services.

Delving Deeper into Funds: An Insightful Perspective

The essence of a fund transcends mere finances; it encapsulates the essence of prudent planning and responsible stewardship. Within a fund's confines, a sum of money is often entrusted to professionals who wield their expertise to maximize its growth. This nurturing ensures that the funds allocated serve their intended purpose while also yielding returns that can further augment the cause.


Embarking on Fund Categories: A Glimpse into Diversity

The world of funds is diverse and multifaceted, mirroring the myriad facets of human aspirations. Pension funds promise security and solace to retirees, insurance funds offer safety nets in times of uncertainty, foundations foster social initiatives, and endowments ensure perpetuity of valued institutions.


The Mechanism: Guiding Funds with Care

One of the pivotal aspects of this process involves receiving funds with precision and diligence. Cash inflows typically manifest via methods such as MT103/202, TT, Wire Transfers, or secure local deposits, ensuring streamlined and secure fund allocation. Manual intervention is eschewed in favor of robust digital protocols, bolstering efficiency and minimizing risks.

In essence, understanding funds goes beyond monetary figures; it underscores the power of intention, the precision of management, and the potential for transformative impact. The world of funds converges at the crossroads of financial prudence and meaningful purpose, where each allocation serves as a beacon of progress and possibility.


Amount between  $1 Million to 99 Million .                         40 to 50%

Amount between  $100 Million to 1 Billion .                        30 to 40%

Amount between  $1 Billion to above .                               20 to 30%

Minimum  fee is $50,000.00 "Contact Us For More Information"

Completion Time: Tailored to Your Needs

Completion time is flexible and contingent upon the amount involved, with most cases typically concluding within 48 hours in normal circumstances.


Get in Touch for Further Details

For more detailed information and personalized assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Receiving Funds: Our Bank of Choice

The designated bank for receiving funds is KASIKORN BANK THAILAND.


Why Opt for a Thai Bank?

Choosing a Thai bank brings a multitude of advantages. The process is streamlined, requiring minimal paperwork, and transactions unfold seamlessly. Importantly, there are no restrictions on the amount, ensuring a convenient experience.

The Benefits of a Thai Bank

Thai banks present an array of benefits. The paperwork involved is minimal, and the funds' transfer is exempt from taxes. Clearances are efficiently processed within 24 to 48 hours, affording you the flexibility to access your funds promptly. Notably, there's no limit to the amounts that can be transferred, making it highly accommodating for both sending and receiving funds.

Swift Payout: Prompt and Efficient

Upon receiving the funds, the payout is swiftly executed within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring you can access your funds without unnecessary delays.


Note of Assurance

It's important to underscore that KASIKORN BANK Thailand boasts a special affiliation as a sister concern of JP Morgan Bank. This association ensures smooth and hassle-free fund clearance, enabling seamless transactions on a global scale.

Choosing the right bank is pivotal, and KASIKORN BANK Thailand's affiliation, along with the host of advantages it offers, makes it a reliable choice for efficient, secure, and convenient fund transactions.

Contact Us For More Information

NOTE : Free Paymaster for all Consultants & broker involved.

Disadvantage for EUROPEAN or any fancy bank.

We dont mind to get you an account in any other bank name you can think or from top 50 banks in the world but few conditions apply if you can comply we are here .

1.Proof & history of the fund

2.Full KYC

3.Local taxes apply

4.Payout in 45 days after we receive

5.Prior to engage we need an email ( from your bank(direct to aura for their readiness)

6.Make sure your country is not under sanction also if you had engaged with any European bank , as you can see now a days Russia,Ukraine, Iran all there money has been seized by USA on the name of SANCTION.

NOTE :Please do not approach Aura if you are not sure about the deal cause  If the swift is fake by any means, it will be reported to concern agency such as Interpol & the concern Embassy for maximum compensation.

Navigating International Business with Paymaster Services: A Secure Path

For businesses operating on an international scale, particularly dealing with commodities and financial instruments, the seamless management of payments and commissions is paramount. Enter paymaster services—a robust solution that ensures safe, swift, and cost-effective transactions. Whether your dealings involve real estate, precious metals like gold, the intricate world of oil, jet fuel, or other commodities, paymaster services provide a steady hand to navigate through the complexities of international transactions.

A Multifaceted Role of Paymaster Services

At the heart of paymaster services lies the crucial role of facilitating non-cash asset transfers across the global landscape. Acting as a neutral third party, paymaster service providers adeptly manage the intricate web of payments, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and international regulations. They expertly receive payments on behalf of clients, orchestrate secure transfers, reconcile accounts, and meticulously handle essential paperwork. The result? A streamlined process that not only ensures legal compliance but also bolsters your peace of mind.

The Essence of Neutrality and Confidentiality

Crucial to the integrity of paymaster services is their role as neutral parties. Acting as intermediaries, paymasters play a pivotal role in receiving, safeguarding, and releasing funds within international transactions. While they adeptly execute these functions, it's important to note that paymasters do not offer legal counsel or additional services. Their commitment to confidentiality ensures that transaction details remain discreet, a cornerstone of their professional ethics.

The Role of Paymaster Attorneys

Often led by accomplished attorneys, paymaster services extend a bridge between international parties involved in transactions, particularly those concerning bank instruments or commodities. By holding escrow accounts, paymaster attorneys become custodians of funds. They receive funds from transaction stakeholders, subtract a nominal commission for their services, and subsequently disburse the remaining amount to the seller. This meticulous process is accompanied by account reconciliation and adherence to regulatory requirements laid out by the IRS. The upshot? A secure, efficient, and compliant mechanism to transfer commodities and financial instruments on a global scale.

Demystifying Escrow Fees

The question of who bears escrow fees surfaces, and the answer typically finds its resolution within purchase contract clauses. While buyers and sellers generally share these fees, sometimes one party may be responsible for the entire amount. The fee structure is variable, ranging from 0.25% to 1% of the transaction value, based on the scale and complexity of the deal.

In essence, paymaster services serve as a bridge of trust in the complex world of international transactions. With their expertise, neutrality, and commitment to confidentiality, paymaster service providers ensure that your business moves forward smoothly, compliantly, and with utmost integrity.

Aura Solution Company Limited: Rated as the best Paymaster in the world, Aura Solution Company Limited boasts a track record of over 300 million satisfied and verified clients.

Navigating Offshore Bank Accounts: Beyond Borders

Offshore bank accounts, residing in countries foreign to the account holder's home nation, offer a realm of financial opportunities. From facilitating transactions and holding funds to providing a platform for diverse savings and investments across multiple currencies, these accounts present a versatile avenue for managing wealth.


Tax Advantages and Clarity

While offshore banking can yield tax advantages, it's essential to note that these accounts don't serve as a means to evade taxes. Transparency remains paramount; income must be disclosed to the relevant tax authorities, and interest accrued on the account must be declared.

Opening the Gateway: Prerequisites and Access

The process of initiating an offshore account necessitates furnishing proof of identity and verification documents. Additionally, the bank might require insights into the origins of your deposits. Once established, access to the account is facilitated through wire transfers, and the convenience of utilizing a debit card for ATM cash withdrawals is often available.

The Merits of Offshore Banking

Offshore banking presents an array of merits that extend beyond conventional banking avenues:

  1. Tax Benefits: Depending on the jurisdiction of the bank and your country of residence, your offshore account could incur minimal taxation or even be tax-exempt.

  2. Asset Protection: Shield your assets in case of legal challenges or business setbacks, effectively segregating personal finances from potential liabilities.

  3. Ease of Access: Enjoy seamless access to your funds, facilitating efficient financial management.

  4. Enhanced Privacy: Offshore banks often offer elevated levels of privacy compared to domestic counterparts.

  5. Currency Diversity: Navigate diverse currencies, holding funds and exploring investments beyond borders.

  6. Expanded Investment Horizons: Unveil investment avenues otherwise unavailable in your home country.


Balancing Benefits with Considerations

However, the allure of offshore banking comes with its fair share of considerations:

  1. Elevated Costs: Establishing and maintaining an offshore account can entail substantial costs, including sizable minimum deposits, substantial balances, and additional fees for account upkeep and banking services.

  2. Safety Concerns: Offshore banks might not guarantee fund protection in the event of the bank's default, unlike domestic counterparts that often offer government-backed insurance.

  3. Regulatory Scrutiny: With offshore banking occasionally linked to tax evasion, money laundering, and organized crime, it attracts intensified regulatory scrutiny. Stricter rules and regulations can lead to potential financial penalties or legal charges if violations are detected.


The landscape of offshore banking is a nuanced realm, replete with advantages and considerations. While it can offer appealing opportunities for diversification and asset protection, a thorough evaluation of costs, safety, and regulatory factors is essential to determine if an offshore account aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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Empowering Futures: Citizenship Invest's Distinctive Approach

With an impressive track record of collaboration with governments and a wealth of experience stemming from processing a substantial volume of cases over the years, Citizenship Invest stands poised to deliver unparalleled success rates.


A Global Network of Success

Annually, Citizenship Invest accomplishes a remarkable feat by facilitating the acquisition of second citizenship for numerous individuals and families across the globe through strategic investment avenues.

Commitment Beyond Acquiring Citizenship

Citizenship Invest doesn't just secure a second citizenship; it forges enduring relationships. The company's commitment extends beyond the acquisition phase, promising lifelong support to its valued clients. This steadfast dedication is at the heart of the client-advisor relationship.

Post-citizenship acquisition, a range of exclusive services are offered to our esteemed clients. These bespoke services encompass lost passport replacement, passport renewal, applications for newborn babies and spouses' citizenship, as well as obtaining a driving license and a national ID card, among others. This comprehensive suite of services ensures that clients are equipped with all the necessary tools to navigate their new citizenship.


Diverse Clients, Singular Approach

Our clients represent a spectrum of individuals, from billionaires gracing Forbes' prestigious list of top 500, influential business leaders steering renowned companies, politicians, enterprising entrepreneurs, and C-level executives, to individuals who lack a nationality and those who have painstakingly saved for years to secure their family's future.

At Citizenship Invest, every case is distinctive and deserving of the utmost respect and dedication. Regardless of background or financial stature, each client receives personalized attention and unwavering commitment.

The cornerstone of our philosophy is not just facilitating a transaction; it's about empowering individuals and families to unlock new realms of opportunity and security. Citizenship Invest thrives on nurturing aspirations and ensuring that the path towards a second citizenship is marked by excellence, reliability, and unwavering support.

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