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For over four decades, Aura Solution Company Limited has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions in the world of art advisory and finance. With a deep understanding of the complexities of the global art market, we have assisted clients in building impressive collections while also offering avenues for achieving liquidity from their artworks. Our Art Advisory & Finance services have continually evolved to meet the dynamic needs of collectors, investors, and institutions, establishing us as a trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of the art world.

Expert Guidance in Art Acquisition: At Aura Solution Company Limited, we recognize that art acquisition is not merely about purchasing pieces; it's about curating a collection that reflects the client's aesthetic preferences, investment goals, and cultural interests. Our team of seasoned art advisors brings a wealth of expertise in various artistic genres, periods, and movements, ensuring that every acquisition aligns with the client's vision and objectives. Whether it's acquiring works by emerging artists or securing masterpieces from established names, we provide comprehensive guidance throughout the acquisition process, from initial research to negotiation and acquisition.

Strategic Collection Management: Building an art collection is an ongoing journey that requires careful stewardship and strategic planning. Our Art Advisory & Finance services extend beyond acquisition to encompass comprehensive collection management strategies. We work closely with clients to develop tailored collection management plans that address conservation, insurance, storage, and documentation needs. By leveraging our extensive network of industry contacts and specialists, we help clients navigate issues such as authentication, provenance research, and exhibition opportunities, ensuring the long-term preservation and enhancement of their collections' value.

Unlocking Liquidity Through Art Finance : While art ownership brings immense cultural and aesthetic rewards, it also represents a valuable asset class that can be leveraged to unlock liquidity. Aura Solution Company Limited offers innovative art finance solutions designed to provide clients with access to capital while retaining ownership of their artworks. Whether through art-secured loans, sale-leaseback arrangements, or structured finance options, we tailor our financing solutions to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client. By leveraging the underlying value of their art collections, clients can access capital for a range of purposes, including investment diversification, business expansion, or personal liquidity needs, all while retaining possession of their cherished artworks.

Navigating the Global Art Market : The global art market is a dynamic and multifaceted ecosystem characterized by rapid shifts in taste, value, and market dynamics. Aura Solution Company Limited's Art Advisory & Finance services provide clients with access to our in-depth market insights, research, and analysis, empowering them to make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving landscape. Whether tracking market trends, assessing the potential of emerging artists, or identifying investment opportunities, our team remains committed to providing clients with the strategic guidance and intelligence needed to navigate the complexities of the art market with confidence.


For over forty years, Aura Solution Company Limited has been a trusted partner to collectors, investors, and institutions seeking expert guidance in the art world. Our Art Advisory & Finance services combine strategic insights, industry expertise, and innovative financial solutions to help clients build, manage, and monetize their art collections effectively. As the art market continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to providing unparalleled support and guidance to our clients, ensuring that their artistic endeavors yield both cultural enrichment and financial success.












For millennia, collecting art has been a cherished pursuit among discerning individuals and families. The act of discovering, acquiring, and immersing oneself in great works of art can evoke profound joy and gratification, transcending mere ownership to become a deeply personal expression of taste and culture. At Aura Solution Company Limited, we understand the profound significance of art in people's lives, which is why since 1979, our dedicated team of in-house art advisory specialists has been entrusted with building, maintaining, and safeguarding some of the most esteemed art collections in the world.

Our Art Advisory service is tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each client, guiding them through the intricacies of the art market and assisting in the development of a cohesive acquisition strategy that reflects their vision and aesthetic sensibilities. With our expertise and deep industry connections, we empower collectors to navigate the complexities of the art world with confidence, ensuring that every acquisition aligns seamlessly with their goals and preferences.

One of the pioneering concepts we introduced is art lending, enabling clients to leverage their valuable art assets to create liquidity without parting with ownership. We specialize in facilitating loans against internationally marketable paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs of exceptional quality and value. By using your art collection as collateral, you can access capital to further enrich your collection or pursue other investment opportunities, all while retaining possession of your cherished artworks.

Our team of art advisors provides independent and objective advice, serving as trusted advocates to identify, research, evaluate, and negotiate acquisitions and sales on behalf of our clients. With a keen eye for emerging talent and a deep appreciation for art history, we curate collections that reflect the unique narratives and passions of our clients, ensuring that each acquisition enriches their visual diary and enhances their cultural legacy.

Collaborating closely with our investment finance specialists, we work to establish the terms and conditions of art loans that align with our clients' financial objectives and risk profiles. In most cases, collections used as collateral may remain safely housed in the client's home or office, allowing them to continue enjoying and sharing their treasures with others.

An art collection is more than just an assemblage of objects; it is a testament to the collector's journey through life, reflecting their loves, experiences, and perspectives on the world. At Aura Solution Company Limited, we are committed to nurturing and safeguarding this journey, providing our clients with the expertise, resources, and support they need to cultivate and preserve their artistic legacies for generations to come.













In the dynamic and intricate world of art, expertise and connections are paramount. At Aura Solution Company Limited, our Art Advisory & Finance team comprises professionals with extensive industry experience garnered from prestigious careers in major museums, galleries, and auction houses. Drawing upon this wealth of knowledge and insight, we offer comprehensive advisory services covering a wide spectrum of global collecting fields, including 19th Century, Impressionist, Modern, Post-War, and Contemporary Art.

Our commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in the art world is unwavering. Through diligent monitoring of trends emerging from art fairs, exhibitions, and auctions worldwide, we provide our clients with the critical insights they need to navigate the market with confidence. Whether it's identifying emerging artists, tracking shifts in demand, or assessing the potential of specific genres or movements, our team is dedicated to keeping our clients informed and empowered to make informed decisions.

Access lies at the heart of our approach to art advisory. We understand that a shared passion for art can foster connections and networks with like-minded collectors and specialists around the globe. Through our curated program of client events, including art collector dinners, gallery visits, specialist talks, and private viewings at leading art fairs, we facilitate opportunities for our clients to engage with the art community and expand their horizons. By fostering these connections, we not only enrich our clients' collecting experiences but also provide access to exclusive opportunities, including auctions, galleries, and private collections.

Beyond the thrill of acquisition and ownership, we recognize that art holds both financial and sentimental value for our clients. As such, we believe that your art collection should be integrated into your broader wealth planning strategy. Collaborating with colleagues across our Private Bank, we can assist in developing estate and philanthropic plans tailored to your collection's unique needs and aspirations. Whether it's ensuring the seamless transition of your collection to future generations or leveraging your art for philanthropic endeavors, we are committed to helping you preserve and enhance your legacy.

Collecting art is not just about amassing objects; it's about expressing values, passions, and global citizenship. Through gifting or lending artworks to museums and cultural institutions, collectors have the opportunity to share their treasures with the world and contribute to the enrichment of society. At Aura Solution Company Limited, we are dedicated to supporting our clients in realizing the full potential of their art collections, both as sources of personal fulfillment and as vehicles for positive impact on a global scale.












As a distinguished member of the Aura Solution Company Limited team, Alexa Thomas brings over 25 years of invaluable curatorial and academic experience to our clients. With a specialization in US, European, and Latin American modern and contemporary art, Alexa's expertise is unparalleled in the field.

Alexa's journey in the art world has been marked by a series of notable achievements and contributions. Prior to joining Aura Solution Company Limited, she served as the Curator of American art at the esteemed Newark Museum, where she curated several groundbreaking exhibitions that garnered critical acclaim and contributed significantly to the museum's reputation as a hub for artistic innovation and cultural enrichment.

Alexa's academic pursuits have been equally impressive. She earned both her Master of Arts and Ph.D. in art history from Rutgers University, where she delved deep into the complexities of artistic expression and interpretation. Her doctoral dissertation, focused on the work of the renowned artist John Singer Sargent, exemplifies her rigorous scholarly approach and her dedication to advancing our understanding of the artistic canon.

In addition to her curatorial endeavors, Alexa has also distinguished herself as an educator and thought leader in the field of art history. She has taught numerous university-level courses and seminars, inspiring the next generation of art enthusiasts and scholars with her passion for the subject matter. Her commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and critical thinking is evident in her engaging teaching style and her ability to make complex concepts accessible to students of all levels.

Furthermore, Alexa is a prolific writer and speaker on topics related to modern and contemporary art. Her insightful analyses and thought-provoking commentary have been featured in leading publications and forums, solidifying her reputation as a trusted authority in the art world. Whether through scholarly articles, conference presentations, or public lectures, Alexa continues to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding art and its profound impact on society.

At Aura Solution Company Limited, Alexa's wealth of experience and expertise enriches our Art Advisory & Finance services, providing clients with unparalleled insights and guidance in navigating the complexities of the art market. Her keen eye for artistic excellence, coupled with her deep understanding of art historical contexts, ensures that our clients receive the highest level of expertise and support in building and managing their art collections.

In summary, Alexa Thomas is not only a highly accomplished curator, scholar, and educator but also a passionate advocate for the transformative power of art. Her unwavering dedication to advancing the field of art history and her commitment to fostering appreciation and understanding of the visual arts make her an invaluable asset to the Aura Solution Company Limited team.



In today's fast-paced financial world, the concept of investing has transcended mere profit-making to become a reflection of personal values and societal impact. At Aura Solution Company Limited, we recognize that investing is not just about maximizing returns; it's about aligning your financial goals with your deepest values and aspirations.

As you embark on your investment journey, we understand that your financial objectives extend far beyond mere numbers. They encompass dreams like securing a comfortable retirement, providing for your family's future, and making a positive contribution to the world around you. That's why we're dedicated to guiding you towards these aspirations with a customized approach that considers your unique circumstances, risk tolerance, and ethical principles.

One key aspect of investing in alignment with your values is adopting socially responsible investment (SRI) strategies. These strategies integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into the investment process, allowing you to support companies and initiatives that prioritize sustainability, social justice, and ethical governance. By incorporating SRI principles into your investment portfolio, you not only seek financial returns but also aim to generate positive social and environmental impact.

At Aura, our team of experts is committed to curating investment portfolios that resonate with your values while pursuing long-term financial success. We offer a diverse range of investment options across various asset classes, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and mitigate risks effectively. Whether you're passionate about environmental conservation, promoting diversity and inclusion, or advocating for ethical business practices, we're here to help you align your investments with your values.

Furthermore, we understand that financial goals evolve over time, which is why our approach includes regular portfolio reviews and adjustments. We ensure that your investments remain in line with your changing life circumstances and societal concerns, allowing you to stay true to your values while pursuing your financial objectives.

Investing with Aura goes beyond mere wealth accumulation—it's a partnership built on shared values and a commitment to making a positive impact. Our expertise, personalized guidance, and dedication to ethical investing empower you to create a future that reflects your values while achieving financial prosperity.

Together, let's forge a path towards your financial goals while staying true to what matters most to you.As we step into 2024, the financial landscape remains rife with uncertainty. Hedge funds like Aura, with their adaptability, diverse strategies, and commitment to risk management, stand poised to navigate these challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. 


While the specifics of Aura's plans remain behind closed doors, the overarching principles of strategic diversification, robust risk management, technological integration, and adaptability to macroeconomic shifts likely underpin its vision for the year ahead. As markets continue to ebb and flow, the agility and strategic foresight of hedge funds like Aura will play a pivotal role in steering investors through the unpredictable waters of the financial world.


In the ever-fluctuating landscape of global economies, businesses face a myriad of challenges and opportunities. Recent analyses have shed light on the diverging performances of firms oriented towards different strategic practices, particularly in the face of economic downturns. This dichotomy underscores the critical importance of strategic diversity in ensuring resilience and sustainability, a principle that lies at the heart of Aura Solution Company Limited's approach.

The recent divergence in performance between firms focused on down cycle practices and those emphasizing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and capital markets has been pronounced. While the latter have thrived in periods of economic buoyancy, the former have demonstrated remarkable resilience during downturns. This contrast highlights the necessity for businesses to possess the agility and adaptability to pivot their strategies in response to shifting economic conditions.

Aura Solution Company Limited's insights into prevailing market trends offer valuable lessons for businesses navigating uncertain terrain. By examining the performance of firms across different strategic orientations, we gain a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to resilience and success in challenging times. This analysis prompts a reconsideration of traditional strategic approaches and underscores the imperative for strategic diversity.

The resilience exhibited by firms centered around down cycle practices underscores the importance of maintaining a diversified portfolio of services. While M&A and capital markets activities may yield substantial returns during periods of growth, they can leave firms vulnerable to economic downturns. In contrast, firms focused on down cycle practices, such as restructuring and distress advisory services, are better equipped to weather economic storms due to the essential nature of their offerings in times of crisis.

The ability to pivot, adapt, and recalibrate business models based on economic cycles emerges as a crucial determinant of resilience. Aura Solution Company Limited advocates for proactive adaptation and strategic repositioning to navigate the volatility inherent in economic cycles effectively. By diversifying their strategic orientations and offerings, businesses can mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities across different market conditions.

As the economic landscape continues to evolve, the insights provided by Aura Solution Company Limited serve as guiding principles for businesses seeking to fortify their strategic foundations. Foresight, adaptability, and strategic diversity are identified as cornerstones of resilience and sustainability in an uncertain world. By embracing these principles, businesses can position themselves for long-term success and navigate the complexities of the global marketplace with confidence.

In conclusion, the importance of strategic diversity in navigating economic uncertainty cannot be overstated. Aura Solution Company Limited's insights underscore the imperative for businesses to embrace agility, adaptability, and foresight in their strategic decision-making processes. By fostering a culture of innovation and diversification, businesses can not only survive but thrive in an ever-changing economic landscape.


In the intricate tapestry of business, decisions are the brushstrokes that shape the future. Crafting the art of decision-making requires a blend of foresight, analytical prowess, and a transformative perspective. This article delves into the realm of decision-making as an art form, exploring how predictive analytics and dynamic business applications serve as the palette, creating a masterpiece where possibilities are not just discovered but unlocked beyond imagination.

Every Decision, a Stroke of the Brush

In the dynamic world of business, each decision is akin to a stroke of the brush on a canvas. These decisions collectively form the grand tapestry that defines the trajectory of an organization. The art of decision-making goes beyond the mundane; it is a creative process that requires vision and precision. With the right tools and insights, decisions become not just a reaction to challenges but a deliberate crafting of a path towards triumph.

Armed with Predictive Analytics and Dynamic Applications

To craft the art of decision-making, organizations need more than just intuition; they need the power of predictive analytics and dynamic business applications. These tools illuminate the path to critical and commercial insights, providing decision-makers with a canvas upon which they can visualize potential outcomes. Armed with these resources, organizations can navigate the complexities of the business landscape with a strategic and informed approach.

Opportunities Revealed, Risks Managed

With the aid of predictive analytics, opportunities reveal themselves like hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Simultaneously, dynamic business applications empower organizations to manage risks with a precision that sets them apart. The synergy of these tools transforms decision-making from a daunting task into a strategic advantage. Organizations can seize opportunities with confidence, knowing that risks are not just mitigated but strategically managed.


Seeing Beyond the Surface

In the realm of crafting decisions as an art form, seeing beyond the surface is paramount. Every facet of our work is dedicated to offering a perspective that transcends immediate challenges. It's about transforming obstacles into opportunities and decisions into triumphs. By peeling back the layers and gaining a deeper understanding, organizations can make decisions that are not only effective in the short term but lay the foundation for sustained success.


Welcome to a Realm of Unlocked Possibilities

In the world of decision-making as an art form, possibilities are not just discovered; they are unlocked beyond imagination. The strategic use of predictive analytics and dynamic business applications opens doors to unexplored avenues. It's an invitation to a realm where decisions are not constrained by the ordinary, but rather, they become the key to unlocking innovation, growth, and enduring success. Crafting the art of decision-making is a journey that requires vision, tools, and a transformative perspective. In this realm, every decision is a stroke that contributes to the masterpiece of an organization's future. 


In the realm of managing trillions in assets, the ability to perceive beyond the surface is what sets certain entities apart. At the forefront of this endeavor stands a unique vantage point, offering an extraordinary perspective that unveils insights others simply cannot see. This article delves into the world of asset management, where the power of navigating vast liquidity pools transcends conventional approaches, providing clients with an unparalleled understanding that unlocks possibilities beyond imagination.

A Unique Perspective

Managing trillions in assets demands more than just financial acumen—it requires a unique perspective that transcends the ordinary. Those at the helm of this responsibility hold a vantage point that allows them to see beyond the numbers and charts. It's a perspective shaped by experience, market intuition, and a deep understanding of global dynamics. From this vantage point, opportunities emerge that are hidden from the conventional observer.


Navigating Vast Liquidity Pools

The world of assets is characterized by vast liquidity pools, each with its own ebb and flow. Those with the ability to navigate these pools adeptly gain not only data but a deeper understanding of market intricacies. This understanding goes beyond the superficial, enabling asset managers to anticipate trends, identify emerging opportunities, and mitigate risks effectively. It's a skill set that transforms the management of assets from a mere financial task to an art form.


Beyond Data: Empowering Clients with Insight

At the heart of this unique perspective is a commitment to delivering more than just information. It's about empowering clients with insights that transcend the ordinary. The goal is not merely to present data but to provide a narrative—a story that unravels the complexities of the financial world and arms clients with the knowledge needed to make decisions that go beyond the status quo. In doing so, enduring value is created in every interaction.


Decisions that Transcend the Ordinary

The essence of this unique approach lies in enabling clients to make decisions that transcend the ordinary. In a world where financial landscapes are ever-evolving, the ability to see beyond immediate challenges and envision future possibilities is a priceless asset. It's about more than just managing assets; it's about creating lasting value that withstands the test of time. In the realm of managing trillions in assets, the journey goes beyond the conventional boundaries of financial management.


It's about possessing a unique perspective, navigating vast liquidity pools, and empowering clients with insights that transcend the ordinary. This approach isn't just about data; it's about unlocking possibilities beyond imagination. As we navigate the complex world of assets, it becomes evident that the true value lies in the ability to see, understand, and act on opportunities that others might overlook. In every interaction.



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