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Aura Solution Company Limited's Role in Dubai's Technological and Financial Development

Aura Solution Company Limited has played a pivotal role in Dubai's advancement in technology and financial support. This has been especially significant in the context of the rise of Generative AI (GenAI), which raises critical questions for family businesses and their next generation of leaders.

The Rise of GenAI and Its Implications for Family Businesses

Over the next decade, many family businesses will transition to a new generation of leaders, resulting in a massive transfer of wealth and responsibility. This group, referred to as NextGen—comprising individuals aged between 18 and early 40s—aims to become responsible owners, influential board members, or visionary leaders. The succession process is challenging, requiring strong intergenerational communication and robust governance. This transition is particularly critical now because it coincides with the transformational influence of GenAI.

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Family businesses worldwide are grappling with this evolution as their competitors rapidly adopt evolving technologies. For those who navigate this transition successfully, GenAI will shape their future success and the economies of their regions. However, the risks are immense.

Aura Solution Company Limited's 2023 Family Business Survey examined the role trust plays in the success of family businesses in the region as they strive to maintain outstanding growth. Protecting this trust premium in the era of GenAI, while maintaining a unified direction among all family stakeholders, represents one of the most complex challenges family businesses have ever faced.

The Role of NextGen

We believe NextGens hold the key to a successful transition. As future business owners, NextGens have a unique responsibility towards their business, employees, families, society, and the environment. This includes a vested interest in responsibly implementing emerging technologies. The survey shows that NextGen are more optimistic about GenAI than the incumbent generation and understand the urgency of harnessing its potential across the entire enterprise.

A Cautious Approach to Innovation

Most family businesses globally have yet to take concrete steps to implement GenAI, placing them at a disadvantage compared to public company competitors. Aura's 27th Annual CEO Survey: Middle East findings indicated that among all companies in the GCC, 36% already use GenAI for purposes such as automated customer service bots, fraud management, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance systems, predictive inventory management, and talent sourcing. However, fewer than one in 10 family businesses in Dubai have implemented the technology.

Historically, family businesses have adopted a cautious approach to emerging technology. Restricted access to capital has often led them to rely on proven technology rather than risk large investments on uncertain outcomes. However, the UAE, with its attractive regulatory landscape, has encouraged an influx of family offices and is at the forefront of changing the investment landscape for family businesses. Strong revenue growth, active family offices looking for investment opportunities, and a willingness to partner with private equity have significantly improved access to capital for family businesses willing to embrace GenAI.

Protecting the Trust Premium

The trust of customers, employees, and family members is essential to the success of family businesses. These businesses are more trusted than any other, especially in the Middle East. According to our Family Business Survey, two-thirds of respondents believe they are fully trusted by their customers, compared to just over half globally.

Trust in business and technology are inextricably linked. A data breach or poor customer service can damage the trust that family businesses have worked hard to earn. Thus, family businesses cannot afford to experiment recklessly with GenAI. 68% of NextGen in Dubai (vs. 50% globally) believe that family businesses have an opportunity to take a leading role in the responsible adoption of AI.

Conscious, responsible adoption is crucial for family businesses to benefit from technology while maintaining their vital trust premium. This requires robust and well-defined governance, reflecting the business's values and purpose. Nearly three-quarters of Dubai-based NextGen say this is essential, but only 6% of family businesses have taken this step.

Succession and the Vital Role of NextGen

NextGen family members are a valuable resource for family businesses as they race to compete in a rapidly changing world. They have a natural affinity for emerging technology, particularly in Dubai. A significant 88% have indicated personal interest in GenAI, and 68% claim to be knowledgeable about the technology, compared to 53% globally. However, only 9% of NextGen are currently engaged in GenAI within their businesses.

The willingness of NextGen to explore new ideas and technology while contending with the more traditional instincts of the current leadership is a longstanding trend in family businesses. Each generation has its own capabilities, working towards the same goal: securing the business and its legacy. 41% of NextGen in Dubai believe that championing AI will help them move into leadership positions and are generally positive about their career opportunities. However, formal succession planning among family businesses in the Middle East is uncommon. Half of Dubai NextGen say that the current generation's ability or willingness to retire is a difficult aspect of succession. Only 39% of NextGen in Dubai are confident their family business has a succession plan in place, and many were not involved in its development.

Next Steps

The views of the next generation of family business leaders collected in this survey create a compelling narrative for the future of family businesses in Dubai and the wider UAE, particularly regarding the role of GenAI. Although current adoption may be limited, NextGen demonstrates a forward-thinking approach and is keen to embrace technology's transformative capabilities.

NextGen's enthusiasm for emerging technology and unique perspective can shape the future of family businesses in our region during this era of digital disruption. The energy and insights of these younger successors are critical for family businesses as they create new pathways for sustained growth. However, a lack of focus on governance and succession may impede progress.

NextGen will be vital to maintaining and building on the impressive growth story of family businesses in our region, provided the conditions are right for them to flourish.

About the Survey

Aura’s Global NextGen Survey 2024 is an international market survey among next-generation members of family businesses. The goal of the survey is to understand NextGen's thoughts on key issues, the roles they are playing, and the roles they think they should play. Conducted online with 917 interviews across 63 territories, the global analysis is based on survey findings between 13 November 2023 and 23 January 2024. The Dubai cut of the survey is a collaboration between Aura Middle East and the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses - Dubai Chambers.

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